Why is it important to choose strong passwords?


Nowadays it’s really important to choose strong passwords as there’s a huge increment in the cyber crimes in few years. Strong passwords are really important for securing your identity and confidential information on internet. Passwords must be that much strongly generated that a hacker could not guess them and so his hacking software.


What are Weak Passwords?


A weak password is something that can be easily guessed by a hacker or a hacking program like “password”, “12345”, “abcdefg” or the sequence of alphabets on your keyboard rows like “qwertyuiop”.

Weak passwords also include the place where you live or your parents’ name. The thing you love most or your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name as these things can be easily determined through Social Engineering. Now you must be thinking what Social Engineering is? We will discuss it later what it is.


What is a Strong Password?


Strong password comes up with the lengthy combination of different alphabets, numbers and characters or symbols for example “!kjj396$^nhd2$p&”.

Does it seem difficult to remember? Do not worry you can write it down somewhere in your notepad or in a document in your computer. I’m sure you aren’t writing in on a sticky note in your LCD screen.

A strong password can also contain lowercase letters as well as upper case letters for example “hAgTyhIjRStB”. You can also add some numbers or symbols as per your needs to make it stronger.


How to generate strong passwords?


As I’ve told before that strong passwords are the mixture of alphabets, numbers and characters or symbols. Alphabets can be lowercase as well as upper case or a mixture of both depends on how much strong you want your password to be.

There’s a one more way of generating strong password which be easily be remembered too.

If you have a grey parrot in your house and you do remember it pretty well than you can create your password like that with the help of lower & upper case letters; GrEyPaRrOt, you can make it more complicated by adding numbers and characters in between for example. [email protected]

Do you think you can remember it now? I’m pretty much sure you can. And yeah remember not to write your passwords on the sticky not on your LCD Screen nor even on your cupboard. 😉


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