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Social media has changed the way people engage online.

And how marketers sell.

It’s actually become a LOT easier to profit online than ever
before. If you have the right tools.

Imagine being able to automatically CASH IN from every social
account you have. By sharing DFY content with YOUR links
and offers.

All from a single dashboard where everything is laid out for
you. Within a cloud-­based software with all the training to
show you step by step how to make it happen.

Beta testers are already seeing incredible results with this
automation software. 3 and 4 figures PER DAY with zero
previous experience.

Lots of people have blogs. Great way to express yourself, share
information and interests.

But face it, it’s always nice to make a bit of cash for the effort.

That’s why so many bloggers use AdSense and banners to
passively monetize their sites. The idea is great.

But it only works when your blogs get traffic. More visitors, more
clicks, more cash. Easy math.

There are ALL kinds of people out there anxious to check out your
content. You just have to get it in front of them.

And with Pindrill, the traffic comes in on autopilot. Targeted, niche
specific visitors from the most popular social media sites.

Social media’s a beautiful thing. Billions of users online
every single day. Imagine tapping into just a percentage
of them and directing them to YOUR offers.

Cloud­based software literally monetizes social media for
you. Just create a post inside the dash, link to your offer,
then sit back.

It will share your posts across ALL the top social networks
for floods of targeted visitors.

There’s a good reason top eCom stores count on social media
traffic. A lot of online buyers rely on social networks to help
them make buying decisions.

Shopify even suggests Pinterest as a quality traffic source for
its store owners.

And while a lot of eCom vendors count on FB ads and paid traffic,
did you know you can get your hands on all the social media
traffic you’ll EVER need without paying a dime?

That’s right. You can drive buyers to your eCom store and offers
without spending another cent on ads.

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This next generation software literally monetizes social media for
you. It works PERFECTLY with your eCom stores to get your
products, posts and offers in front of targeted traffic 24/7.

In literally a few clicks. Set up your social accounts once, then the
software takes over. It will completely duplicate your ENTIRE
eCom store into engaging posts, then publish them all over
social media.

Post them all at once, or drip feed them over time. Choice is yours.

The results are off the hook. Beta testers ­ even complete
beginners that have never made a dollar online before,
are banking big with this.

Look, we all know building a quality subscriber list is one of the
fundamentals to online success. But who REALLY wants to go
through the hassle of product creation or gambling on paid traffic?

This revolutionary software taps into the viral power of social
media, and gets targeted traffic straight to your landing and
lead generation pages.

Without paying a penny for traffic.

Without having to create products.

In … get this … any niche! This software puts the power of
social media in your corner and finds you the most targeted
subscribers out there, hungry for what you have to offer.

There’s nothing else like this on the market. It’s really a next
generation software that automates list building for you.

C’mon, be honest. How much time do you spend hanging out
on social media everyday? Cause no matter how much, one
thing’s for sure:

Plenty of people spend plenty MORE time than you on social
networks. Right now billions of people are hanging out on
these platforms. From FB to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter
and many more.

Know what a lot of these people are doing? Besides sharing
pictures of dinner? Looking for stuff to BUY.

Over 70% of online buyers head to PINTEREST before making
a purchase decision. That’s crazy. Buying traffic, sprawled all
over social media.

Wouldn’t it be great to get in front of all that buyer traffic?

This cutting edge software puts you in front of the hottest social
media audiences. Literally monetizes all of your social accounts,
then drives traffic and sales on autopilot.

Truly set and forget style stuff. You can simply create a new post
inside the dashboard and link to an affiliate offer. Or…

Let the software scrape your EXISTING blogs, eCom stores and
more and turn your content into viral posts.

Then sit back while the software spreads the word for you.

Never seen anything like this. Months in development with proof
from beta testers all over the page.