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Reverse Engineer Instagram and Facebook Ads

Web based app that helps you and your customers find profitable Facebook newsfeed, video, mobile and Instagram Ads.

With over 600,000 profitable ads, and tons new added every week, you can easily spy on your competitors and find out what is selling right now. You can not only find ads but also their design, layout, ad copy and even landing pages. With Adsviser 2.0 you can easily spy and find the hottest physical products, popular shopify stores and their products, hot teespring campaigns, popular CPA offers and what not.

Adsviser 2.0 gives you the data you were supposed to see. With new filters, 30+ new countries and tons of new features, Adsviser 2.0 is the best FB Ads Spy & Research app out there.

1. 6000+ Database of Profitable Facebook ads, Video ads, Instagram ads and more.

2. ”Why I’m seeing this” feature – What type ads are using (Retargeting, Targeting campaigns) and what interests they’re using for their targeting campaigns. Also, the exact age ranges that advertiser is targeting.

3. Database of Profitable and Engaging Instagram ads

4. 39 new countries added, including: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, India, France and much more.

5. Ton of new ads filter including: Placements, Industries, Emotions, Gender, Countries and more.

6. Over half a million profitable ads database and growing fast.

7. Completely new user experience and much more intuitive design.

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