Twitter Scraper

Are you looking to Scrape Twitter Usernames in Real Time from Any Keyword or Hashtag to reach your specific audience or for your custom application? Now I am gonna show you the way with you can scrape thousands of Twitter Usernames on your desired niche on a “single click”.

Check this tool in action:

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What you can do with this?

1. Increase Teespring Sales:

Increase Teespring Sales with Twitter

Whatever keywords relate to your design, just type that into Twitter PPC Dominator, and within seconds you have an audience that’s interested within the subject your design promotes, and all you have to extract their twitter usernames and market to those people!

2. Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales:

Make Affiliate Sales with Twitter

If you are promoting “Weight loss” product all you have to do is just type keywords related with weight loss and you will have a list of usernames of people who are talking about it , scrape their username and target them with your Twitter ad.

3. Sale Kindle Books:

Make Kindle Sales with Twitter
All you have to do is type in keywords such as “vampire,” “werewolf,” or even type in related books such as “Twilight” or “#twilight” into twitter, and you will immediately locate an audience who reads this type of book and then you can scrape their twitter usernames and build twitter tailored audiences.

Why else you can do with this Powerful Tool ?

  • Create Dirt Cheap Twitter Ads
  • Know the Hottest Keywords Everytime
  • LIVE Custom Audience Searching
  • List Building with Custom Scraped Twitter Usernames
  • Attract a Highly Targeted Twitter Following
  • Sell Scrape Twitter data on Fiverr and make $$$
  • Attract Signups Into Your Opportunity
  • Become a Lead Magnet
  • Scrape Twitter Tailored Audiences