Guest Posting

In this age of de-indexing, penalties, panda this and penguin that…we’ve finally learnt that the most effective way to get top10 rankings in competitive niches is by getting strong, high quality, contextual backlinks from real websites.

The method is called guest posting

Its the way non-marketers have been doing it for years…and today I’m going to expose to you the how and why. But more importantly,we’ve been able to make this whole tedious process infinitely quicker and easier than ever before.

Okay, so why guest posting?

Because they are in-text links from relevant blogs in your niche. They’re talking about you, linking to you and this is exactly what Google looks for when ranking. Plus, this is a totally legitimate form of link building, something that can never be clamped down on.

Another powerful reason to guest post is purely for the traffic. Just one guest blog post Ore decent site can get you a flood of targeted, engaged readers, boost your subscribers and get you recurring traffic for years. come.

How can find list of blog for guest post opportunities that accept guest post myself for free?

True, there are compiled lists of sites accepting guest blog posts all over the web, but the problem is, they get outdated in a matter of days, sometimes hours. By the time you contact those bloggers, they have already received hundreds of requests and have stopped reading them.

They are also broad and not niche specific…so you can crawl for hours looking for a close fit only. find it’s a dull match.

Does it actually work?

I always think pictures speak louder than words…

Here are thousands of visitors per month I received from one keyword ranking I got mainly frost sty strong guest potting strategy…land this is a real screenshot -which I can show in detail privately)

how to find guest posting opportunities on your desired niche

So Basically.. .Guest Posting Is AWESOME!

The only problem is that actually doing it is a huge pain! Not only do you have to find the right blogs, but you have to get in contact with them, build relationship, propose a guest post (bloggers can get many guest post request per week convince them it’s a good idea, and that most likely get rejected after all your hard work

If you’re lucky enough to find a guest post opportunity,then you will have to write the post in Oh. format of your target blog and hope they think Os good enough. If it is. or they sort like it for whatever reason, you’re done. Then you need to repeat this process over and over until you find a blogger who will actually accept and publish your post


It’s a slow, laborious numbers game with the odds stacked against you in a big way. Nothing sucks more than slaving away on a masterful guest post only to have the blogger and a one-line reply stating “No thanks”.

Even worse is getting no reply at all. Ouch!
I mean the process works, it just needs. be done in a faster ways to make it work.Then one day I had. massive revelation…

What If you have a Automated system like this?

Click here to watch this video on Youtube.

This Guest Post Hunting software is easy to use and saves a lot of time and money.

Here’s the easy step-by-step process:

1.   Type in your niche’s keyword.
2.   Select the domain TLD you’re looking for (.com etc).
3.   Select the Google datacenter (US, UK etc).
4.   Hit search.