Quick Basics On Keywords

1. Relevance: Your Keyword must be Relevant to your Niche and content, otherwise you are wasting your time 100%.
2. Traffic: One mistake I used to make was targeting the highest searched for Keywords, in reality this is incorrect you need to target smaller less saturated Keywords.
3. Competition: The best way to explain this one is the famous old story which you can read here:

[box]”Two Internet marketers traveling through the African savannah when they unexpectedly turned a corner and came face to face with a hungry lion.

As the lion began to circle them, the first Internet marketer sat down on a nearby rock, took off his hiking boots and started putting on a pair of sneakers which he had been carrying in his backpack.

The second Internet marketer looked puzzled and said, “What are you doing, you’ll never be able to outrun a lion”

The first Internet marketer looked up and replied, “I don’t need to outrun the lion, I just need to outrun you!”[/box]

In this TUT you will learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool, I will also show you some other tricks that I use to Rank up with some techniques I use. Gaining that vital SEO ranking and spending time is key otherwise you might as well just give up now. Some of this information will be basic common knowledge amongst us experienced Webmasters, however I have included my own personal methods in this as well.

Step One Go To Google Keyword Tool

In the image below you can see I have used the Keyword “make money on fiverr 2011” I have selected which country to target, I have also selected the option of Exact. This is a must because you need the exact results anything else simply wont do unless your looking for suggestions. However we need the right amount of times this is searched for.

Step Two Open New Browser

Now you have the new browser opened type in your Keyword with quotes “make money on fiverr 2011” click enter and look at the results. You will now see just how many competitors there are for the one you are attempting to optimize for. Important what you are looking for is any Keyword which is less than 35k-60k, you will see how to spot this from my highlighted image below. Also make sure to setup your settings on your browser to the country you are targeting notice mine is for the Uk the same as I used in the Google Keyword Tool.

Step Three Type In &start=990

Type in “&start=990” to see how many different pages are showing up on Google with this Keyword. What we want Google to do here is take us to the last page for this particular Keyword. Important make sure you keep the Keyword in quotes when doing this. The less pages the better with this because you have more chance of Ranking.

 Step Four allinonetitle

Now we are going to add this string in to Google intitle:”your keyword here”with the quotes included click enter so we can check out the competition and how many are in the titles on their pages. I have found one which has no results coming back which is great if I wanted to use this, anything less than 3000 is perfect.


Step Five Insert inurl:”keyword”

I will now check on Google to see just how many different sites have my Keyword in the URL. The reason I do this is because to me Onpage SEO is very important indeed, it will contribute a lot on your over all SEO so use it wisely. Anything below 25k is a very good find, mine is not even being used which is fantastic.

Now you have some ideas to go by and can look into how much of the competition really is competition. You can download something like the cracked Market Samurai or perhaps the Traffic Travis, by doing so you can check out the stats. You can work it out for yourself without SEO tools but I like using them personally when using Keyword Research. Let me give you an example of how to view the competition stats using my Market Samurai.

As you can see from the picture it’s showing us stats from the “”make money on fiverr 2011” we are optimizing for. Notice most have the letter N for of course “No” so if you look it shows us that nobody has the term “make money on fiverr 2011” within any titles of H1 H2 H3 or the descriptions for the Onpage SEO. In fact the No 1 on Google has not even got any Onpage SEO either! I just found a Keyword worth optimising for simply by creating this TUT which just proves it’s really not that hard. But I wont because I don’t need it.


On-Page SEO

When you have found the main Keyword you are attempting to optimize you will need to place it within your main page, to do this you simply add it within your H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 titles, make it bold even underline it because it gives you a better over all SEO score.

You also need to add the Keyword to any image you have on the page and also the page URL, this way if someone clicks on the image they are redirected to the same page, again this helps. Look below for an example of my own website

You should try to include your Keyword in your content on your page, not too much because Google can penalise you for over using Keywords so just use common sense. Take a look at my own website content you can see how I have included the main Keyword within the content below.

Look for some Onpage SEO addons you will find this using Google it’s simple look > http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Onpage+SEO+Addons see it’s really not that hard to get the ball rolling just act do not wait. These tools will score your Onpage SEO and assist you in making it better it’s great.