I am sure if you belong to seo you would agree with me that keywords research is one the important factor of seo link building process and initial part of your seo campaign for you web site or blog, there are several ways and tools to analyze or choose your potential keywords such as

Google adwords keywords tool



Keyword discovery

And many others free and paid keywords tools

When I created my web site I went through these tools and other helpful ways for analyzing my potential keywords to be very frank at that moment I didn’t know about google wonder wheel feature,

I hit the button of wonder wheel and found it an amazing tool for keywords research, when you simply type a keyword it will show you more similar results like google suggest.

in the above video google engineer adam described the value google wonder wheel as he said Google wonder wheel by definition is a wheel display of relevant search terms. Clicking on one of the search terms will open a new wheel of relevant search terms and so on hence you have many relevant keywords search related to your niche which certainly makes your job easy give you effective results

Let’s have a look at google wonder wheel screenshot

As you can see in the above picture how wonder wheel used to work, you simply put you one potential keyword “ used muscle cars” and hit the wonder wheel button ( which is not more ) it would show the similar results which could be your potential keywords like used sports cars, used mustang and classic

used cars etc and the interesting thing is when you click on the other keyword suggested by wonder wheel it will expand more options like in the above image it is done with classic used cars.

Here is a screen shot of google wonder wheel and it’s place at left navigation. You just had to write the key phrase and hit the wonder wheel button for expanding the results.

Google abandoned wonder wheel approximately 2 month ago. I wonder why did google remove wonder wheel such an interesting, helpful and useful feature as well as very useful for keywords research and keywords selection, now I am looking forward this kind of another useful feature from google for
assisting the web masters.


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