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Growing a Fanpage to 10,000+ TARGETED fans can cost you a lot of money.

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The World’s First Facebook Social Comments Box Professional Poster ! Let Commenter Pro Put Your HIGH-QUALITY TRAFFIC on Autopilot


What is Facebook Comments plug-in ?
The Facebook Comments plug-in lets people comment on content on any regular web site using their Facebook account. If people wish to, they can share this activity to their friends and friends of friends in News Feed as well. It also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

What is Commenter Pro ?
Commenter Pro Finds these relevant Facebook websites Comments plug-in in your niche and leaves comments on your behalf under Completely Pure Autopilot environment!


# Getting HIGH-QUALITY FREE TRAFFIC on Autopilot
# Boost your Offer Engagement rate
# Easy way to link external sites to your Facebook Page and increase your SEO ranking !
# “Know how to post” on behalf of any Facebook page !
# Click and Forget Mechanism, works independently on any incognito page / tab !
# Know how to handle any type of Intrusive pop-ups and special social forms patterns !
# You can preload any type of comments and / or using the Automatic title insertion
# High conversions with super targeted visitors
# Super fast and powerful scraping and posting technology !
( Based on 29 independent engines )
# The most reliable and safe Fb social Box poster in the market !.. ( Actually the only one … 🙂