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Build Your Own Flappy Bird Game Clone for iPhone and iPad With No Programming Skills

I guess you heard about Flappy Bird, a legendary addictive game that became so popular the developer even had to pull it off the App Store? he was averaging $50,000 per day in sales! Millions of fans were really upset and were ready to pay thousands of

Learn How to Scrape/Extract User IDs and Emails using Facebook Graph Search

Ever wanted to scrape a list of peoples friends, any Facebook Page users or any Facebook application users? Well here is an easy peasy way to scrape them based on a vanity name, user id or even scrape from groups with the group id. Like this way:

How to set coming soon page in Magento by using IP address?

Recently I was doing my first Magento project and had to set coming soon page but the problem was if I set that so there will be problem for me and my client to see the progress so I came across the following code but It didn’t

Keyword Researching and Onpage Optimization

Quick Basics On Keywords 1. Relevance: Your Keyword must be Relevant to your Niche and content, otherwise you are wasting your time 100%. 2. Traffic: One mistake I used to make was targeting the highest searched for Keywords, in reality this is incorrect you need to target

WordPress Lifeblood Plugins

If you want your WordPress site rock on search engines as well as in social media so you need to make it friendly with search engines and look good so it will indulge visitors to read and share with others. After one week research we finally tested