Create Your Own Flappy Bird Game Clone for iPhone and iPad

I guess you heard about Flappy Bird, a legendary addictive game that became so popular the developer even had to pull it off the App Store? he was averaging $50,000 per day in sales! Millions of fans were really upset and were ready to pay thousands of dollars on ebay just to get the iPhone with an old Flappy Bird installed to play it. As you might guess, the Flappy Bird fever made millions of dollars in sales and started a series of successful clones that reap all the benefits after the original game was pulled of the market.

Imagine if you can built game like Flappy Bird and benefit on the Flappy Bird Success?

That’s why I am posting a special Flappy Bird clone  where it includes all the source codes and graphics to the clone Flappy Bird game which is almost identical clone of original one! That’s right, you have almost the same Flappy Bird in your hands with all the sources included. Completely legally, all sources are copyright free, made from scratch! Feel free to learn it, modify it, change the graphics, whatever you want! No strings attached.