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Visually Create Drag and Drop Beautiful WordPress Home and Landing Pages

If you are not so much technical with WordPress and want to create some beautiful Landing/Home pages for your WordPress but do now know all the coding like CSS, JQuery,Php Ajax and Photoshop etc. I have found something very easy to use it will help you to

Auto Schedule Images and Posts WordPress Plugin

Scheduling images or post in WordPress is a very monotonous and boring task and it gets more annoying if you have bulk of posts to schedule. I am actually running a network on Meme/Troll/Rage websites on WordPress and was looking to make the process fast so I

How to set coming soon page in Magento by using IP address?

Recently I was doing my first Magento project and had to set coming soon page but the problem was if I set that so there will be problem for me and my client to see the progress so I came across the following code but It didn’t

Google wonder wheel an useful feature removed by google

I am sure if you belong to seo you would agree with me that keywords research is one the important factor of seo link building process and initial part of your seo campaign for you web site or blog, there are several ways and tools to analyze

Keyword Researching and Onpage Optimization

Quick Basics On Keywords 1. Relevance: Your Keyword must be Relevant to your Niche and content, otherwise you are wasting your time 100%. 2. Traffic: One mistake I used to make was targeting the highest searched for Keywords, in reality this is incorrect you need to target

Why strong passwords are important?

Why is it important to choose strong passwords?   Nowadays it’s really important to choose strong passwords as there’s a huge increment in the cyber crimes in few years. Strong passwords are really important for securing your identity and confidential information on internet. Passwords must be that

WordPress Lifeblood Plugins

If you want your WordPress site rock on search engines as well as in social media so you need to make it friendly with search engines and look good so it will indulge visitors to read and share with others. After one week research we finally tested